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Fill Dave Reichert's Parking lot with Voices

  • Dave Reichert Issaquah Office 22605 Southeast 56th Street Issaquah, WA, 98029 United States (map)

We will meet up on the corner of East Lake Sammamish and SE 56th on the sidewalk. We can March 2 blocks up 56th to Dave's building and back several times in our 2 hours. 

Logistics/Parking: There is no public parking anywhere close. Sammamish State Park is several blocks away. You need a pass to park. There are two Park and Rides both about 1.7 miles away. There is however Park at YOUR own RISK at the Overlake Center, Value Village, or the Sammamish Center Fred Meyer. 

Dave's office is shared with many other business owners and it is NOT the intention of this gathering to disrupt them. The property Manager of the building has concerns about blocking access to privately owned businesses. The Issaquah Police RESPECT the right to PEACEFUL protest but WILL be present to make sure that other businesses are protected and that this gathering remains peaceful. We will need to stay on the public sidewalk as the parking lot is private and there are no trespassing signs posted . Also I would like to ask that after the gathering that everyone keep the sidewalk and surrounding areas clean of trash and signs. We don't want to leave a mess and get bad press. 

This is not an Anti-Trump event. He has had enough attention. Dave sits on the Ways and Means committee. Specifically on Tax reform and Trade sub committees. Let's focus our signs on Tax stuff. Including: Tax cuts for middle class not the rich and corporations. No border import taxes. No wall taxes. Releasing Trump's income taxes.


Event Location/Address: We will meet up on the corner of East Lake Sammamish and SE 56th at 11 AM, on the sidewalk.