Washington state is subdivided into 10 Congressional Districts, so Indivisible WA has taken a similar approach to provide more local groups (where available) for participation. This allows each Congressional District group to take individual action directed toward their Representative. 

(If your group isn't yet listed below, let us know: hello@indivisiblewa.com.)

District 1 - District 1 is covered by three organizations:

District 3 - @Indivisible_WA3

District 4indivisiblewastate4th@gmail.com

District 7 - @Indivisible_WA7

District 8 - District 8 is covered by two organizations:

District 9 - District 9 is covered by two organizations:

District 10 - District 10 is covered by:

Please make sure to sign up via the form below.  Indivisible WA will maintain a contact list for each district, sharing district level information where applicable. 

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