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We are uniting Washingtonians to defeat the Trump agenda  

Inspired by Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, this site helps connect people and groups in Washington who agree with these three principles: 

  1. Resist Trump's agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped.
  2. Focus on local, defensive congressional advocacy. We demand that our own local Members of U.S. Congress serve as our voice in Washington, DC, and that our local elected officials push for progressive values at the state and local levels, too.
  3. Embrace progressive values. We model inclusion, respect, and fairness in all of our actions.  We are committed to American democracy and the rule of law, and we believe in liberty and justice for all.

All Indivisibles believe that our values, our neighbors and our democracy are threatened by the Trump agenda, and, therefore, from our home turfs, we take easy, practical steps to defeat pro-Trump initiatives.  Together, we are successful, because we bring local, vocal advocacy to life. Onward!

Action: To-Do (Week One, May 2017)

Defend the Affordable Care Act. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan continue to try to rustle up a handful of additional votes in order to pass TrumpCare in the House. We know how hard you’ve been working on this, and it’s having an enormous impact. Keep up your phone calls and office visits: it’s time to let your MoCs know that we won’t let up until we know that TrumpCare is dead for good.

On Monday, May 1, the House Rules Committee will be meeting. Let your Member of Congress now that you don’t want Congress wasting any more time on TrumpCare: How To Save the Affordable Care Act (Again).

Please call your Member of Congress. Tell them to stand strong and save our healthcare! (Main switchboard 1-202-224-3121 or 1-800-828-0498).


Click here (nationwide) then enter your zip code for Indivisible groups, group meetings, and action events near you. Click here (Seattle area) for all sorts of events near you.

Catch up:  Ezra Levin, co-founder The Indivisible Guide, spoke to a group of 500 people at Seattle Town Hall in March. Below is his energizing 30- minute talk on the remarkable progress of Indivisible and what's up next for our movement. We were thrilled to team with Indivisible Washington Plus on this event. *Please watch, and, if you can, please join your neighbors in donating $5 or more to support the national organization, Indivisible Project. Thanks so much.*

Breaking bits and other things

#TrumpRussia:  Here are a few vetted articles, etc., to share, as we all try to figure out what's going on: this update from the Guardian, and this updated timeline from the Business Insider that supports FBI investigation into #TrumpRussia. And The Rachel Maddow Show brings us up to date nightly.    


Presidential Power in 2017: Miss this UW Law School Town Hall? Want to know what powers U.S. Presidents do and do not have? Watch it here

Stand Indivisible!


Together, we can resist and win! Watch and share this quick guide!

ACLU's People Power Resistance Training: Information and inspiration. 

Join now

Ready to make a difference? There are Indivisible and Indivisible-like action groups waiting to welcome you.  Click Indivisible to find an Indivisible group near you.  Can't find a group in your neighborhood, or prefer a living-room sized action group? Start one! Here's a group leader toolkit, which makes it easy.

Click here for Indivisible-like groups to consider, including Fuse (sparking political progress), Planned Parenthood Votes, Washington Environmental Council, Washington Bus (hands-on democracy for young people), Council on American-Islamic Relations Washington, and OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone).  Other groups and action resources:  OFA (Organizing for Action), DailyAction,, the Resistance Manual, and

**Attorneys, join Lawyers for Good Government to fight for equality, justice, and the future of our nation.**  Whether or not you're an attorney, The LawFare Blog is a good resource if you want an informed discussion of the legal and policy 

And here is a curated list of WA Indivisible and Indivisible-like groups, brought to you by

Watching, reading, following...

Who are you reading and following? Some of our favorites:

SPOTLIGHT: Celebrate the victories: Check out Peace Is Loud and its weekly dose of positivity.

LAUGH!  Don't miss SNL's skits. (From The Washington Post, here's Donald Trump's history with "Saturday Night Live.") For R-rated laughs, check out Randy Rainbow, and for political burn, follow @MerriamWebster.  And for feminist insight into politics, check out Hellbent, "a feminist podcast for people who resist and persist" from @sarahlerner (also at @IfHillaryHad) and @devonhandy (also at AltVP48).

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